Online book renewals

If you have borrowed books from the library and would like to renew them, online, please follow the steps given below.

Note:  a. After a fresh issue, only the first 2-time online book(s) renewal is possible.

            b. Overdue book(s) can not be renewed online. 

1. Visit the online catalogue link.

2. If the library name is shown as 'J.R.D. Tata Memorial Library', change it to 'Central Library' from the drop-down menu at the top, right-hand corner.

3. Click on 'My Account' to log-in to 'online catalogue' account.

4. Use the last 5 (five) digits of your ID number as the 'username.

5. If you have already reset the default password, use that to log-in. Or else, use 'iisc' (without the quotes) as the initial password. You can change the password once you log-in

6. Click on the 'Items Checked out' tab.

7. In the next screen, click on the 'renew' button, to renew a book. Repeat this step to renew other books, if applicable. 

8. To change the default password, 'click on the 'Change Password ' tab, and follow the instructions therein.

9. After completing the transactions, log-out of your 'online catalogue' account.

Should you have a problem in using the online book renewal feature, please get in touch with the library circulation desk staff.