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Access the following course reserve E-Books from Elsevier. You may click on any of the titles listed below to access the online version of that E-Book. To access an e-Book from off-campu (remote) site, click on the corresponding link and login using your IISc Email 'username' and IISc Email Password. Kindly note, systematic downloading of E-Books will amount to infringement of license agreement and, it may result in temporary access block

eBook Title (on-campus/VPN link)
Publisher (Off-campus Access Shibboleth Link)
Publication Year
Access Type
Aerodynamics for Engineering Students 7th Edition E. L. Houghton, N. B. Carruthers Click here (Elsevier) 2015 9780080966328 Perpetual, unlimited Access
Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students, 6th Edition T. H. G. Megson 6th Click here (Elsevier) 2016 9780081009147 Perpetual, unlimited Access
An Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology James R. Holton, Gregory J. Hakim Click here (Elsevier) 2013 9780123848666 Perpetual, unlimited Access
An Introduction to Parallel Programming Peter S Pacheco Click here (Elsevier) 2011 9780123742605 Perpetual, unlimited Access
Animal Behavior, 2nd Edition Michael D. Breed, Janice Moore 2nd Click here (Elsevier) 2015 9780128015322 Perpetual, unlimited Access
Atmospheric Science: An Introductory Survey John M. Wallace, Peter V. Hobbs Click here (Elsevier) 2006 9780127329512 Perpetual, unlimited Access
Biogeochemistry: An analysis of Global Change Schlesinger, W.H Click here (Elsevier) 2013 9780123858740 Perpetual, unlimited Access
Biomaterial Science Buddy Ratner, Allan Hoffman, Frederick Schoen, Jack Lemons Click here (Elsevier) 2012 9780123746269 Perpetual, unlimited Access
Communication Networking: An Analytical Approach A. Kumar, D. Manjunath, J. Kuri Click here (Elsevier) 2004 9780124287518 Perpetual, unlimited Access
Computational Materials Engineering: An Introduction to Microstructure Evolutio… K.G.F Janssens, D. Raabe, E. Kozeschnik, M.A. Miodownik, B. Nestler Clilck here (Elsevier) 2007 9780123694683 Perpetual, unlimited Access
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