Trial Access to Online Resources

The Library regularly arranges trials for new / unsubscribed online resources/tools. Publishers are usually willing to provide trial access to allow us to use and evaluate a resource before deciding on a subscription/purchase. Currently, the following resource is on trial access till December 2022.

Trial access to the following three FnT journals until 31 March 2023.

Trial access link

FnT Trial Access Journals

  1. Communications and Information Theory
  2. Signal Processing
  3. Theoretical Computer Science

Please send your feedback on the usefulness of the trial access through the form below: Feedback form

QuillBot - a paraphrasing and summarizing tool

QuillBot  is an  AI-powered EdTech writing platform with online writing and research tools  to research and communicate ideas efficiently, whether you're writing emails, essays, a thesis, or blogs. The platform consists of productivity-enhancing tools such as ParaphraserGrammar CheckerSummarizerCitation GeneratorWord counter, etc., for academic writing. 

The user guide ( consists of every minute detail for users to view and understand how to use tools, extensions, data privacy and security, FAQs, etc. 

Demo videos:

Trials in the recent past

  1. Pressreader: Newspaper and Magazine Platform. (Nov-Dec 2022)
  2. Materials Science & Engineering journal package from SAGE (June - December 2018).
  3. Trans Tech publications Inc., from 22 January 2018 - 28 February 2018.
  4. The Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) from 18 August 2017- 16 September 2017
  5. Free access to all Wiley journals from 1997 onward. Access period, September 17 - 30, 2018 
  6. JoVE Journals
  7. Scholarcy: Power of Artificial Intelligence
  8. Science Translational Medicine
  9. 26 unsubscribed Nature-branded journals