JRDTML Collection Snapshot

With the excellent blend of print and electronic resources in the form of books, journals, databases, and standards, the JRDTML collection is one of the finest in the country particularly in the field of science and technology. This rich and valuable collection built over the period of the last 11 decades has some rare reference materials and several important journals. The total print collection of the JRDTML exceeds more than 04 lakh volumes. This vast reservoir of knowledge, on a conservative estimate, is worth over ₹500 crores.

The following table gives a snapshot of the JRDTML’s collection as of 30th June 2021

              Resource Type           Collection Size
 Books           1,98,160+
 Bound Volumes of Journals           2,17,786+
 Theses and Gratis               29,897+
 eBooks              13,000+
 eJournals              14,000+
 IISc Publications (ePrints@IISc)              52,709+
 IISc Theses & Dissertations   (etd@IISc)                5,072+
 IISc Faculty Profiles                   543+