Library services

Reference service

Having problem in locating a document? Have questions about online/offline resources? Please seek assistance from the reference staff seated near the circulation counter. This service will be available on all working days between 9.00 A.M. and 5.00 P.M. On holidays and beyond the normal working hours, only a skeleton staff will be available in the library. Hence, at such times, you may contact the staff/trainee for any assistance that you may need.

Need a journal article? Use the Document Delivery Service (DDS)

The library can help in obtaining articles from the journals that IISc does not subscribe to. Please send an Email giving the details of the article/s to Alternatively, you may use the online submission form to send your request. Kindly allow us at least, a week's time after placing your request.

Current Awareness service

Library provides the following current awareness services:

  • Weekly Display of New Books
  • Theme based display of books on special occasions
  • Display of announcements received from various institutions regarding the conferences, workshops, seminars, lectures etc. (Library Notice Board to the left side of the main entrance).

Photocopy Service

  • Photocopying of materials available in the library is provided on a payment basis.
  • The photocopying facility is located on the ground floor. You may please contact the Visitors' Counter Staff if you have materials(Only from J.R.D. Tata Memorial Library) for photocopying. 
  • Please note that photocopying a complete copyrighted document is a violation of the copyright act.




Charge (₹)


Black & White



Black & White



Time: 10:00 A.M. - 05:00 P.M. on all working days (except Saturday, Sunday, and IISc Holidays)

Mode of Payment: Cash only (please try to tender the exact amount for faster service)

Circulation Services & Queries
Phone: +91-80-2293-2832


Institutional Membership Service

Academic institutions and corporates can become Institutional Members of the J.R.D. Tata Memorial Library to access its print collection of books and bound volumes of journals. Kindly note, that online access to subscribed resources is not authorised from the library premises or remotely due to the conditions of the licence agreements the institute enters into with various publishers.
For more details, please write to us at
  • Academic (Govt. & Private) engaged in Higher Education/Government R&D / PSU
  • Corporate sector 
Fees for Institutional membership
Sl. No. Category Membership fees
 Academic/PSU/Govt. R & D Labs
A. Admission fee (Non-refundable) ₹25,000/-
B. Access fee ₹10,000/- per card for one year
Plus GST charges at 18 % on A & B
 Corporate Sector
A. Admission fee (Non-refundable) ₹50,000/-
B. Access fee ₹40,000/- per card for one year
Plus GST charges at 18 % on A & B