Contemporary Mathematics, 2014 ; Product Code: CONM/607 - 630, from American Mathematical Society (AMS)

Access high-quality, refereed proceedings written by recognized experts in their fields, drawn from worldwide conferences and symposia sponsored by the AMS and other organizations. These E-Books have been procured from the National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) grant. You may click on any of the titles listed below to access the online version of that E-Book. Kindly note, systematic downloading of E-Books will amount to infringement of license agreement and, it may result in temporary access blockade.

E-Book Title Editor(s)
Ulrike Tillmann, Søren Galatius and Dev Sinha
Christian Ausoni, Kathryn Hess, Brenda Johnson, Wolfgang Lück and Jérôme Scherer
James W. Cogdell, Freydoon Shahidi ad David Soudry
Anita T. Layton and Sarah D. Olson
Alexander Barg and Oleg R. Musin
Kiyoshi Igusa, Alex Martsinkovsky and and Gordana Todorov
Pierre Albin, Dmitry Jakobson and Frédéric Rochon
Robert Fitzgerald, Morse Daniela Nikolova-Popova and Sarah Witherspoon
Patricio Cifuentes, José García-Cuerva, Gustavo Garrigós, Eugenio Hernández, José María Martell, Javier Parcet, Keith M. Rogers, and at al.
Robert S. Doran, Greg Friedman and Scott Nollet

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