Course Reserved E-Book Titles

IISc has perpetual access to the following course-related eBooks.They are presented here in the alphabetical order of the E-Book titles. You may click on any of the alphabets listed below to view the listing of the titles for that alphabet, and then click on the specific E-Book title to access it online. Kindly note, systematic downloading of E-Books will amount to infringement of license agreement and, it may result in temporary access blockade

| eBook Title (on-campus/VPN link) | | Edition | | Publisher (Off-campus Access Shibboleth Link) | | eISBN | | Access Type | | eBook Category |
Particle Detectors 2nd Cambridge University Press (CUP) 9780511534966 Perpetual, unlimited Access Books for Research
Principles of Condensed Matter Physics Cambridge University Press (CUP) 9780511813467 Perpetual, unlimited Access Legacy Textbooks
Planning Algorithms Cambridge University Press (CUP) 9780511546877 Perpetual, unlimited Access Coursebooks
Principles of Turbomachinery Wiley 9781118162477 Perpetual, unlimited Access
Physical Limitations of Semiconductor Devices Springer Nature 978-0-387-74514-5 Perpetual, unlimited Access
Power GaN Devices Springer Nature 978-3-319-43199-4 Perpetual, unlimited Access
Principles of Tribology Springer Nature 978-1-349-04138-1 Perpetual, unlimited Access
Plant-Animal Communication Oxford University Press 9780191810060 Perpetual, unlimited Access
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