E-Book Titles

IISc has perpetual access to several E-Book collections from the leading publishers like the American Mathematical Society, Cambridge University Press, Elsevier, Oxford University Press, Springer, John Wiley etc. These collections are presented here in the alphabetical order of the E-Book titles. You may click on any of the alphabets listed below to view the listing of the titles for that alphabet, and then click on the specific E-Book title to access it online. Kindly note, systematic downloading of E-Books will amount to infringement of license agreement and, it may result in temporary access blockade

E-Book Title Author(s) Editor(s) Publisher Year of Publication
Gestur Ólafsson and Eric Todd Quinto AMS 2006
Krishnaswami Alladi, Frank Garvan and Ae Ja Yee AMS 2014
Anatoliy Swishchuk, Shafiqul Islam CRC Press 2013
Mathew Penrose Oxford University Press 2003
Svante Janson, Tomasz Łuczak, Andrzej Rucinski John Wiley October 2011
Niederreiter, Harald SIAM 1992
Pál Révész World Scientific May 2013
Xia Chen AMS 2010
Peter G. Doyle, J. Laurie Snell Cambridge University Press January 2012
Hansen, Per Christian SIAM 1998

Off-Campus Access

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