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J.R.D. Tata Memorial Library has signed a Read & Publish transformative license agreement with the CUP. The Read & Publish transformative agreement is designed to boost opportunities for researchers and institutions, with no author fees and minimal administration. Affiliate authors at the IISc can enjoy full read access and unlimited OA publishing in all one hundred and fifty-eight (158) CUP titles listed below.

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  1. Access Period: Volume 21, 2009 - Present
  2. Access Period: Volume 9, 2000 - Present
  3. Access Period: Volume 37, 2005 - Present
  4. Access Period: Volume 45, 2016 - Present
  5. Access Period: Volume 12, 1998 - Present
  6. Access Period: Volume 1, 2000 - Present
  7. Access Period: Volume 30, 2021 - Present
  8. Access Period: Volume 57, 2016 - Present
  9. Access Period: Volume1, Issue 1, March 1989 - Present
  10. Access Period: Volume 1, 2021 - Present

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