CSD (The Cambridge Structural Database)

The CSD database is now hosted on a computer system at the JRD Tata Memorial Library. As of now, the database can be accessed only from a computer system running a Linux distribution like Ubuntu or CentOS.

Kindly follow the instructions detailed below to access the database:

  1. Open a terminal session on a Linux system
  2. Switch to super user (root id)
  3. As super user, execute the command,

#mount -t nfs /mnt

If all the prerequisite software components are installed on the client computer, the command will get executed successfully. If it doesn't, try executing the following command as super user:

For CentOS::

#yum install nfs*

For Ubuntu:

#apt-get install nfs*

Once the above command gets executed successfully, try the mount command (step 3) once again. Hopefully, the /mnt filesystem should get mounted. Then,

4. #cd /mnt

5. #cd /CSD_2019/bin

Try executing any of the CSD applications, like ./cq, or ./mercury, etc

If the application prompts for 'Site No.' and 'Confirmation Code', kindly refer to the broadcast mail, dated 19 August, 2019, or send an e-mail to, services.library@iisc.ac.in

To use CrossMiner, execute the following commands:

#cd /mnt/ CSD_CrossMiner_1.5.2/bin 

.# ./crossminer

Should you have any problem in accessing the CSD system, kindly send an e-mail to: services.library@iisc.ac.in